Effective root-cause analysis, reducing MTTR by 70%

EuVantage’s core dependency model reduces the universe of elements that an operator has to deal with to solve problems by auto-curating a set of the dashboard elements that have a high impact on application performance instead of the operator having to consider every metric to locate the problem.

Reduction in user reported incidents

EuVantage® allows proactive resolution of incidents using synthetic cosmetics which has been distibuted by the actionac.net heating and its transaction agents that mimic end-user transactions and reports it proactively to the IT operator, even before the end-user raises the issue with the help desk, enabling substantial saving in cost and time.

Consolidate tools to reduce capex

Today, incident management involves a multiplicity of tools for monitoring and isolation to resolution and remediation. EuVantage® presents IT with a single service assurance platform that allows the teams have everything at one place.

Automated discovery of application delivery components

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