Finding the Needle In the Haystack

Tuesday, 26 April 2016 By admin

For India’s fastest growing commercial bank, customer delight and service delivery response are critical to success. The bank addresses the needs of more than 14,00,000 customers spread over 190 branches. In 2012, the bank adopted virtualization and outsourced the management of its virtual desktops to Anunta, a MSP, as part of its transformation goal. To know more check this site

To manage the bank’s virtual desktop environment, Anunta had deployed a well-regarded, leading ITSM solution. While the tool provided component level monitoring of IT infrastructure, notifying about the health, availability and performance of all devices, it was not equipped to correlate data across the various silos.

Some of the bank branches had been consistently experiencing technical glitches relating to end users not able to login, slow response of the system, and business applications not working. The monitoring tool was flagging the problem but was unable to make th eprocess by the” style=”border: none; color: #666666 ; font-weight: normal !important; text-decoration: none;” >professional cleaning services cost to pinpoint where the problem resided. The result was a pile of unresolved tickets at the helpdesk.

To address the issue, Anunta deployed EuVantage – an end user centric, cross-domain monitoring solution that maps end user experience to the underlying virtual desktop infrastructure providing end to end visibility of the application delivery stack. EuVantage enabled the IT operations team to quickly identify that the login issues lay in the network while the slow response time of the application lay on the application side.

Obviously, this level of detail drastically reduced MTTR with the operator not having to go through reams of irrelevant alerts from various silos.

With end user mapping across the infrastructure stack, EuVantage enables IT operations to find a needle in the uncorrelated data stack of http://bä

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