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Business value is what mid-market I&O leaders focus on when looking for an availability and performance monitoring solution. With a constant pressure to do more with less and at a disadvantage when it comes to retaining people in new technologies, mid-market I&O leaders have to deliver quality results nonetheless. That calls for is a feature rich monitoring tool without compromising on business agility. More about subtopia

In a recent research titled “Three Steps to Successful Performance Monitoring in the Midmarket”, Gartner puts forth a three-step approach to determine technologies and vendors that will be most suited to this category of buyers.

Isolating the Pain Points

The authors, say it is imperative for mid-market I&O leaders to identify gaps in the network and application monitoring that have a far reaching impact on infrastructure analyze a site in ahrefs. Performing a cost-benefit analysis of these gaps will enable them to address pain areas effectively. They further state that midsize enterprises should identify critical functionality in the monitoring solutions that helps to restore network or system health uptimes, latency or application response times. Scrutinizing and prioritizing pain points also helps to optimize investments in monitoring solutions that can best address gaps in infrastructure.monitoring.

Identifying the Right Technologies

Gartner recommends midsize enterprises choose monitoring solutions that optimize the breadth of functionality and cost while addressing pain areas. The authors point that IT puts on multiple hats in a midsize enterprise, it is of utmost important for I&O teams to guarantee reduced complexity, maximize investments and optimize efficiency when purchasing a monitoring solution. So for example Enterprises at the lower end of I&O maturity look for solutions which helps to show boat custom coating that help them to build a strong while enterprises that have already moved up I&O maturity ladder consider solutions that offer end to end visibility of the entire infrastructure stack.

Shortlisting a Vendor that Aligns With the Mid-market Goals
As a final but critical step, the Analysts recommend midsize enterprises work with vendors that addresses key challenges in infrastructure monitoring, including networks, applications, servers, and storage. Gartner details the following characteristics to look for in a vendor, when sourcing a monitoring solution.

SaaS based solution – SaaS based solution lowers the total cost of ownership than on-premises solutions. Often priced via subscription or on-demand, SaaS solutions are a good alternative to perpetual licensing. SaaS solution aligns with the IT needs of midsize enterprises and does away with the need for complex infrastructure, data center and perpetual maintenance.

Alignment with the IT skill set of the team – Mid-market I&O leaders should gauge their teams skill set and invest in solutions that is aligned to maximize benefits in addressing the infrastructure pain-points.

Easy to install, configure and maintain – Midsize enterprises should source monitoring solutions from vendors that are value-added resellers (VARs), system integrators or have in-house services for complex deployments besides offering the solution with minimal hand-holding to deploy.

Actionable Insights – Midsize enterprise should invest in solutions that offer end user centric intuitive UI, and provides maximum value from the data. The tools should perform the root cause analysis, locate incident and provide actionable insights in an adaptive format that is easily understood by the end users.

Scalable and modular functionality – Solutions that gets timely upgrades through additional modules and are futureproofed for growth are more aligned with midsize enterprises IT goals. It is important for these enterprises to understand vendor roadmaps to ensure that the investment addresses future IT requirements in their transformation journey.

Conduct a POC or Check reference – Midsize enterprises should look for vendors that offer a full feature POC or provides references of product in use in a similar environment.

Freemium and open-source – Freemium versions of monitoring solutions often allow a full use of the product limited by certain functions or scale. This presents an inexpensive option to evaluate solutions that are cost-effective. Node-based pricing offered by a few vendors are also helpful for mid-size enterprises. Open Source is another alternative available, however they tend to become quickly expensive as midsize enterprises lack necessary skills to make open source work without paid support.

Leading by Example
EuVantage, is a unique SaaS based availability and performance monitoring solution that simplifies the management of virtual desktop infrastructure. Developed and designed with mid-market I&O team’s requirements in mind, EuVantage offers unique benefits of that translate into lower the cost of ownership.

  • SaaS based, agentless monitoring across the entire application delivery chain
  • Easy to deploy and maintain for cross-silo mapping of end-user experience to underlying infrastructure and services
  • Adaptive analytics and end user centric smart dashboards for actionable insights
  • End-user experience tracking with synthetic transactions
  • Offered as a full feature 30 day free trial
  • Attractive pricing model – per-month, per-end user

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