Tracking End User Experience in a Virtualized Environment

Thursday, 14 April 2016 By admin

Research has indicated that organizations would like increased visibility into their virtualized desktop environments and that user satisfaction is the biggest management pain point. However, why is end user experience so important in the VDI environment?

From the first generation of VDI, it has promised the potential for more efficient IT management with bästa-bredband – billigst centralization and standardization, better security and compliance, and increased employee productivity for IT staff and end-users throughout the organization. Go to bet9ja. mobile

Many organizations have struggled to realize the full potential of their VDI implementation. Others have delayed implementation projects until they see other organizations successfully solve these challenges. Get info on Abuse Tracker: July 2008 Archives

User experience management (UEM) is the key to unlocking the potential of VDI. End user experience, how well the end users are able to use the systems, impacts their productivity and the successful adoption of new implementations. Which ultimately impact overall business productivity and the success of the VDI project.

With current tools, up to 75% of end user experience issues are first report by the end-user with the help of IT support then spends much of its time searching and troubleshooting to solve issues.

With a new approach to UEM, through proactive reporting on end user experience, organizations can substantially reduce the meantime-to-discovery (MTTD) and the mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) of application performance problems. This is achieved from cross domain visibility and event correlation between application usage and the underlying infrastructure which brings visibility to the entire application chain in desktop virtualization environments. The entire application delivery environment can then be continuously monitored for performance and health status but they are advised to clean the locality using Adaptive analytics is applied to all this data to identify any issues requiring automated remediation or administrator attention.

With proactive end user experience management and adaptive analytics for actionable insights, organizations will be able increase overall end user experience leading to more successful VDI deployments.

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