Regarding EuVantage

How does Euvantage® work?

First, at the core of the product is an end-user-centric dependency model that is auto-discovered and kept up to date. This allows the product to give complete visibility and insight right from end-user to server. Second, EuVantage’s end-user experience module continuously monitors end-user experience via synthetic transactions. If you see any anomalies in the end-user experience you can directly jump to a troubleshooting workflow.


Is it an agent/agentless tool?

It is an agentless tool.


How and where does the data get stored?

All the data is stored in our discovery and collection engine for 7 days. This component is installed on premise/data center. The collected data also gets uploaded to the EuVantage cloud for correlation, analytics and visualization.


Does it support reporting and notifications?

Yes, EuVantage® has near real-time (upto 60 seconds lag) intelligent reporting via its dashboards and notifications that alerts IT operations managers to potential issues.


How many types of user accounts does EuVantage® support?

types of accounts.

  • Administrator Account and
  • Operator Account


Will it have different dashboards for different types of account users?

Yes. Based on the roles of the user (account type) the appropriate dashboard will be displayed.


Do I have to set up EuVantage® again if I decide to upgrade to the paid version while am on the trial version?

No. If you are already on the trial edition you do not need to re-install EuVantage®. Our support team will send you your paid version keys to keep it going.

Regarding Pricing

How can I upgrade from free version to paid version?

You will receive an email with the link to upgrade when new releases / service packs are made available.


When does the trial period start?

Trial period starts from the day you install the software.


Is the pricing inclusive of maintenance, upgrades and support?


Regarding Installation

How long will it take to get started with Euvantage®? Do I have to install or uninstall any tools currently in use?

Installing EuVantage® is a fairly straight-forward process. You can use your trial registration link to request a download link. Our support team will verify the request and setup an account for you and send a link to download the discovery and collection engine. Upon installing this component you can login to your EuVantage cloud account and start the using the software. You do NOT need any additional software to get started with EuVantage®.


How much bandwidth will it require?

From central portal to client monitoring agent it will require 128kbps. From client monitoring to end devices the bandwidth will vary based on the no. of devices to be monitored.

Regarding Support

Do you provide support for the trial?

Yes, email support is available. You may drop an email at support@euvantage.com or call on 1-844-228-6798.